Gargoyles, Feathers & Fascinating Myth!

7x5postcard2015scavEV top portion for web postPSABC presents the 2015 City Scavenger Hunt, a chance to scout out Asheville’s architectural treasures.  The downtown area is known for its beautiful historic buildings, many that date back to the first decades of the 20th century.  Scavenger Hunt participants will travel all over town, from Pack Square to Pritchard Park, on a mission to discover Asheville’s most celebrated and most overlooked architectural particulars.

The Scavenger Hunt begins on the front portico of Douglas Ellington’s pink marble-topped City Building at the east end of Pack Square Park.  Here, participants will receive a printed map, rules and clues of what to look for.  Some elements are visible at eye level and others high up from a distance:  everything from angels to gargoyles, feathers to flying buttresses.  It’s an urban hike, with surprises everywhere, so sturdy walking shoes are recommended.  The event concludes at the Twisted Laurel restaurant on College Street for a celebration, including recognition of the first three people to complete the Hunt successfully with all correct answers. 

“People will look at familiar buildings and see things they haven’t really seen before,” says Kieta Osteen-Cochrane, Education Committee Chair.  “Search high and low … you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find!”

The Scavenger Hunt starts at 2 pm on Sunday, May 17th, on the front portico of the Asheville City Building, 70 Court Place, and ends at 4 pm at the Twisted Laurel restaurant.  The Hunt is free for PSABC members, although a donation is suggested.  For non-members, there is a $10 participation fee.  Generous sponsors include Terry and Ted Van Duyn and the Twisted Laurel.

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