Support Our Work at the Thomas Wolfe Cabin

What Asheville site attracts famous authors and movie stars alike? The Thomas Wolfe Cabin, also known as the Whitson or Cedar Cliff Cabin, is a diminutive, rustic log cabin built in 1924 on a picturesque knoll overlooking the French Broad River valley near Oteen. Famed novelist Thomas Wolfe lived at the cabin during the summer of 1937, his final visit to Asheville before his untimely death in 1938. Although he had envisioned the cabin as a quiet and secluded retreat for writing, Wolfe was met with a parade of visitors, and spent more than a little time socializing on the porch and visiting nearby Recreation Park. Actor Jude Law visited the cabin last summer while preparing for an upcoming biopic about Thomas Wolfe.

Now in city ownership, the cabin has become deteriorated and nearly suffered roof collapse. Since 2012, PSABC has partnered with the Parks & Recreation Department and the Historic Resources Commission to advocate for preservation of the site, and assisted the Parks & recreation Department in stabilizing the cabin roof in the Winter of 2014. PSABC’s work at the Wolfe Cabin has included site cleanup, architectural documentation, and reuse planning. PSABC submitted a Conditions Assessment report to the city this spring, and is optimistic that the cabin will be put to a compatible new use that celebrates its unique history and cultural significance to Asheville. Help us preserve this historic landmark by making a donation to PSABC and volunteering. Learn more about PSABC’s work at the cabin.

Click here to make a donation to the Thomas Wolfe Cabin stabilization project.

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