Charlotte Street: Streetcar Suburb to Modern Corridor

Streetcar 02

September 15, 2016   5:30-7:00

St. Mary’s Church – 337 Charlotte St, Asheville, NC 28801

Charlotte Street in North Asheville is a busy place where past, present and future all seem to collide.  It’s a road through electric trolleys, “motor car” neighborhoods, country “way out yonder”, and growth to what’s next.  Learn more at an upcoming talk hosted by the Preservation Society at St. Mary’s Church, a Charlotte Street landmark for a hundred-plus years.

Two long-time PSABC members, Kim Leatherwood and Kieta Osteen-Cochrane, team up for a timely presentation that travels from the Civil War to civil engineering to how preservation tools can impact tomorrow.  Kim is an avid preservationist, lifelong student of local history, and member of the PSABC Education Committee.  Kieta is Chair of same committee, PSABC board member, retired college administrator, preservation activist, and a native of the Charlotte Street area.  Both women have deep roots over generations in their beloved western North Carolina.

“Few people know that the closing of UNC in the Civil War directly affected how Charlotte Street evolved and grew,” says Kieta Osteen-Cochrane, Education Committee Chair.  “Now, as Charlotte Street may further develop as a modern corridor, preservation can impact how things change.”

This lecture is scheduled for Thursday, 5:30 pm, September 15th, at St. Mary’s Church Parish Hall, 337 Charlotte Street.  Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $10 to support local preservation.  Generous sponsors include Terry and Ted Van Duyn and St Mary’s Episcopal Church.

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