Asheville: A museum with sidewalks

Whether visitor or resident, your financial support will ensure that Asheville’s historic buildings and neighborhoods have a defender and champion. Without preservation, authenticity is lost and the tangible connection to history is severed. Preservation is the key to Asheville’s uniqueness and why people are attracted from across the country and world to this special place.

Historic architecture is the foundation, the very bedrock, of our economy upon which the arts, technology and creative living rest. We at PSABC strive to protect and promote the important places that have meaning and tell story of our community.  This story is told to millions of visitors each year and why Asheville must endeavor to advance the work of historic preservation.

Help us preserve and protect the cultural legacy of Asheville and Buncombe County by making a donation to one of our current projects.

Current Projects

• Thomas Wolfe Cabin

• Merrimon Avenue Firehouse