Architectural Tidbits

“The Thomas Wolfe Cabin” and The Log Cabin Revival

by Dale Wayne Slusser A small unassuming log cabin, which sits on a bluff just above the John B. Lewis soccer fields in East Asheville, and which is now sadly in need of restoration, is famously known as “The Thomas Wolfe Cabin”, although Thomas Wolfe never owned it,...

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The House that J. K. Sugg Built!

By Dale Wayne Slusser When researching the history of a house, the primary goals, for me, are to try to discover who had the house built, who was the builder and/or architect, and when was the house built.  Usually, the answers to these three questions, in most cases,...

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The Mysterious “White Boulders”

by Dale Wayne Slusser An East Asheville homeowner inquired of the Preservation Society, if anyone in the Society knew anything about the mysterious dressed granite stone, incised with the name “WHITE BOULDERS”, which sits on top of a low stone wall along Old Chunns...

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